The Importance of Setting a Schedule

It is incredibly important to put your baby on a schedule as soon as possible. Children do well in a stable and organized environment. It provides growth and cognitive enhancement due to the expectations that are set. When your child gets used to a particular schedule, he or she thrives because they know what to expect and are used to doing it.

Being on a schedule also enables you to enforce a bedtime. Your child will get used to falling asleep and waking up at certain times. They will notice a routine and be more inclined to go to bed easily and without a fight if they know that after their bath, they brush their teeth, then go to bed. They will be expecting it and therefore preparing for it.

Setting a routine will also improve behavior. Children behave better when they know what is going to happen. Kids tend to get rowdy in situations that cause excitement and catch them off guard. The key to keeping your child relatively calm is ensure they know what is going to happen. The best way to do that is set a guide for your daily routines. Do them in a similar order at a similar time from day to day.

Hunger does stick to a schedule. When the day is approaching a regular meal time, your stomach reacts and you feel hungry. Children react in a similar way. It is hard to get a small child to eat meal food, by keeping a daily routine and sticking to a schedule, their stomach will adapt to that schedule and they will eat more during meals.

Following a schedule creates a calming environment. Daily activities get easier with repetition. If you repeat the same routine on a daily basis, each day will seem easier and increasingly calmer than the last. It will develop a sense of order in you and your child’s life. Children respond very well to order, they feel like they can rely on routine and there’s a balance.

While children are on a schedule they can relax and not worry about what is going to happen, so their brain can focus on development. Incorporate brain activities into your routine. Talk to them and show them pictures, it is important to include games and activities in your schedule to provide a stimulating environment.

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